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GABRIALLA Elastic Maternity Belt, BEST Medium Strength Pregnancy Support – Made in USA – Belly Band for Running & Exercising Moms, Abdominal and Lower Back Pain, Postpartum Recovery: MS-96

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Price: $39.19 - $38.17

A growing baby bump should never keep you from staying fit and active during pregnancy. Now you can get that extra support to help you keep moving and exercising with our GABRIALLA Active Mom Maternity Support Belt. Created with the stress of running and exercising in mind, put perfect for all active pregnant women, this maternity belt is great for going to the gym, walking or just receiving extra support during the day. Our medium-strength 6” support belt has a compression design that will help stabilize your hips and reduce low back pressure, so you can handle the day in comfort, no matter what activities come your way.

Our maternity running belt is completely adjustable and designed to grow and change along with a woman’s body, meaning whether you are just starting your second trimester, or going through postpartum recovery, this belt can help provide you with the support you need.

CONTINUE WITH YOUR ROUTINE with 6 inches in the back and tapering down to 3 inches in the front for better support and comfort.
AVOID STRETCH MARKS- This pregnancy belt can actually help reduce the number of stretch marks you develop during pregnancy.
ENJOY STYLISH SUPPORT- This maternity support belt comes in three different colors so you can wear a style that goes with your unique look. Plus, with its flexible and comfortable design you can subtly wear it under your clothes without anyone noticing.
STAY COMFORTABLE WHILE YOU WORK OUT- Created with active moms in mind, this maternity running belt was designed to provide just enough support for extra stability, without restricting movement.
EASE THOSE ACHING JOINTS – The amazing back pockets are a dream come true for expectant moms because you can slip a hot or cold therapy pack right inside the pregnancy belt.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY DOCTORS as an excellent abdominal support to reduce lower back pain by providing compression and support to weakened hip area.
EASE THOSE ACHING JOINTS – The amazing six-inch-deep pockets are a dream come true for expectant moms because you can slip a hot or cold therapy pack right inside the pregnancy belt. The pack stays in place and you can go on and do what you need to do. After all, that toddler isn’t going to stay put just because you want to.
CONTINUE WITH YOUR ROUTINE – Being pregnant doesn’t mean that you have to give up your fitness routine; you just need to do it safely. The medium support in this pregnancy belt offers just the right compression so that you can continue to run while still having the much-needed support around your hips and lower back. Your running doesn’t have to come to complete stop this way. You can get back to your routine faster because it lends the new mom support just where she needs it most.
SAVE YOUR SKIN – We all hate those dreaded stretch marks. With this maternity belt, you may find that your growing belly isn’t getting the white stripes as bad. It isn’t going to completely remove the chance of getting stretch marks, but it does offer the ability to lessen the depth and amount that you get. You can also wear this pregnancy belt with your post-partum body so that you get back to your prepregnancy size quickly.
NATIONAL AWARD WINNER 5 YEARS IN A ROW – Winner of multiple “Top Choice” and “Family Choice” national awards for the past 5 years