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GeoPalz Kids Compass Digital Tri-Axis Motivational Pedometer for Walking, Running and Earning Prizes

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Price: $25.00

GeoPalz is the first decorative pedometer and online game that allows users to earn points through physical activity. Worn on the hip or shoe, the GeoPalz pedometer uses sophisticated tri-axis 3D accelerometer technology to accurately track steps and physical activity. By logging onto the GeoPalz website, users can securely record their activity to earn points. With a simple message of “Walk to Win”, kids are motivated to convert activity into points that can be accumulated and redeemed at the GeoPalz website for FREE activity-based products, sports equipment & toys. In addition to the kids’ activity recorded by GeoPalz, parents can track activity for the entire family on the GeoPalz website. Many 3rd-party recommended devices such as FitBit, Nike, Garmin, Polar, WiThings, DailyBurn and MapMyFitness are compatible with the GeoPalz website. Track steps, weight, height, calories burned and consumed for the whole family. Graphs allow the parents to easily see what percentile each child fits into for each category.Tri-Axis Accelerometer Pedometer for kids and families with 99% accuracy
Each GeoPal comes with a unique code; when registered on the GeoPalz website, users can keep track of activity and win free prizes
Device stores activity for 21 days and self-tunes to recognize moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA)
Easy clip attachment for shoes and hips
Durable, water-resistant construction