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Gilgit Baltistan – Beautiful Northern Areas of Pakistan to Travel

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Gilgit Baltistan (Urdu:گلگت بلتستان) (formerly called the Federally Administered Northern Areas or FANA) is that the north-most political entity among Pakistan. per Pakistan’s constitution, Gilgit Baltistan could be a self governing region beneath Pakistan. Gilgit Baltistan is home to a number of the world’s highest mountains, together with 5 of the eight-thousands. the most focus of attention for several travelers is that the world’s 3 highest mountain ranges–the Mustagh, chain, and also the mountain range, with 5 peaks over eight,000 meters and plenty of peaks over seven,000 meters, and having the most important glaciers within the world (other than those within the polar region). Wild rivers and distinctive landscapes create this space a “mountain paradise” for mountaineers, trekkers, and tourists.

gilgit baltistan


  • Gilgit is that the largest city on the Mustagh route before getting into China.
  • Karimabad is purportedly the setting for James Hilton’s book promised land, and also the depression lives up to its name.
  • Skardu is home to a number of the world’s highest mountain peaks, glaciers, forts, museums, and resorts.

Interesting Facts About Gilgit Baltistan

These are the attention-grabbing Facts you want to know: 1: High Mountains.( G-B is that the land of four eight Thousanders Peaks e.g Godwin Austen over ninetieth of Pakistani seven-thousanders are in Gilgit Baltistan) 2: The land of Glaciers. (the world longest ice mass outside the Polar region is in Gilgit baltistan e.g The Baltoro glacier) 3: the sole Pakistani region that shares it boundaries with 3 countries i.e Asian country, China and Bharat. 4:the solely land wherever Asian nation has fought 3 wars against Bharat i.e war of 1947 kargil war, Siachen war whereas the serious skirmishes were additionally recorded throughout 1971 war. 5: this can be the sole region of Pak that gained her independence by armed efforts of her own native individuals against dogra regime. native freedom fighters below the command of gap Hasan Khan path liberated until the world of Kargil from Dogras. 6: The Balti people that represent concerning 1/2 the populations ar the sole sino tibetan individuals of Asian nation. 7: The Balti language is that the solely Sino Tibetan language of Asian nation. 8: The Brushaski language of Hunza vale remains unclassified language and don’t have any reference to the other language within the world. 9: in contrast to remainder of Asian nation, GB was the a part of China in first millennium. 10:It wont to connect south Asia with china since precedent days, via Silk Route 11: The Greek scholar Herodotus in all probability visited the place. 12: a people word Polo belongs to Balti language of Gilgit-Baltistan and it’s highly regarded game. 13: The shandur polo ground is that the highest polo ground of the planet. 14: The region of Pak wherever Polo is extremely generally lots than Cricket. 15: The Dakholi lake of Khaplu is that the Highest lake of Asian nation. 16: The distinctive design of Gilgit baltistan is extremely influenced by the Tibetan vogue. 17: the sole region of Asian nation wherever 100% of individuals ar the adherents of Islam. 18:The solely region of Asian nation wherever you’ll found completely different sect of islam inhabitant i.e Sunni, Shia, Ismaili, Noorbakshi , Ahel Hadith and Hamadanis. 19:The solely region of landmass wherever Hinduism did ne’er pervasive 20: this can be the smallest amount crime space in Asian nation. 21: No crime has been ever reported in Ghanche District.( the sole such district in Pakistan) 22: The accomplishment rate in some valleys like in Hunza Karim Abad is over ninetieth. 23:The solely Pakistani ladies to climbed mountain peak -Samina Baig, is from GB. 21:The 1st Pakistani to climbed mountain peak -Nazir Sabir , is from GB. 24: the {sole} Pakistani to climbed six eight thousanders so far- Hasan Sadpara is from GB. 25:The solely Pakistani recipient of Nishan e Haider in kargil war (Lalik Jan) is from Gilgit baltistan. 26: The solely Pakistani recipient of Nishan e Haider in kargil war (Lalik Jan) is from Gilgit baltistan. 25: Khunjarab parkland is that the largest parkland of Asian nation. 27: it not the fifth province of Asian nation. of the region still demands complete provincial standing. 28: The Katpanah desert in skardu is on of the planet highest desert. 29:The Deosai plains highest plain within the world. 30: In Asian nation the range brown bears are solely found in Deosai plains. 31: it’s thousands of herbs, minerals and alternative nature resources.

Other Destinations in Gilgit Baltistan.

  • Fairy Meadows is the point where three world-famous mountain ranges meet– the Himalayas, the Karakorams, and the Hindukush.

gilgit baltistan

  • K2 (Mount Godwin-Austen) is the world’s second-highest mountain peak. Visit the K2 Museum located in Skardu near the K2 Motel.

  • Shigar Fort It was built in the 17th century by the Raja of Amacha Dynasty of Shigar.
  • Rock carvings Dating back to the 8th century A.D., a huge Buddha figure surrounded by small Buddhisatvas is carved on a rock, three kilometres from Skardu, across Sadpara Nullah on the Skardu-Sadpara Road. Pre-historic men and animal figures are carved on rocks alongside Kachura Lake. Some rock carvings and the diagram of a monastery near Perkuta (Mehdi Abad) Nalah are also found.
  • Punial Sherqilla is the main village of the picturesque Punial Valley.One of the largest villages in surface area is Hatoon.
  • Singal This spot in the Punial valley offers ideal trout-fishing opportunities.
  • Rama A lake in this region offers an awe-inspiring view of the eastern side of Nanga Parbat, 8126 meters high. For the adventure-loving tourist, hiker, angler, art lover, mountaineer, or polo enthusiast, there are few places in the world that can compare with Gilgit baltistan.

  • Himalayas and Hindukush

By Air

PIA operates daily flights between Islamabad Gilgit, Skardu and Chitral. All flights are subject to weather condition condition. The flying time is one hour and unidirectional fare is about 2 hundredth a lot of for the foreigners. There are daily 2 flights to Gilgit, one flight to Skardu and one flight to Chitral. of these flights ar being operated 7:00 AM within the morning.

By Road

Gilgit Baltistan are accessible from Islamabad/Rawalpindi by the chain of mountains route. city to Gilgit via Swat is 704 klick and takes nineteen hours by bus/van; city to Gilgit via Thakot: 628 klick. eighteen hours by bus/van; city to Gilgit via Babusar Pass 535 klick. twenty one hours by motorcar. There is an everyday bus and van services operate the chain of mountains route between city and Gilgit via Besham. the most terminus of NATCO non-public bus lines is at Pirwadhai General Bus Stand, Rawalpindi. currently NATCO opened their new bus sub I-11/1 new railway line. There area unit alternative transport corporations area unit like Silk Route, Mashabroom.