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Feel the beauty and calmness – Beautiful Lakes in Pakistan.

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Pakistan has been blessed with a number of the spectacular holidaymaker attraction within the world. There square measure sizable amount of places in Asian country that mesmerize you. Also, the country is home to several lovely, natural and synthetic lakes and reservoirs. Here, we have a tendency to listed high ten of the foremost lovely lakes of Asian country.

Manchar Lake, with a section of over a hundred M2 is largest lake in Asian country and additionally the most important lake in South Asia. Rush Lake, with associate altitude over fifteen,400 ft, is that the highest lake in Asian country, additionally the twenty fifth highest lake is that the world.

1.Saif ul Malook Lake

Lake Saif ul Malook could also be a illustrious tourer resort, commonplace for the associated story of a Persian patrician Saif ul Malook. The divine lake lies at the northern finish of the Kaghan depression close to Naran, and within the north east of Mansehra district of Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa. it’s the best alpine lake of West Pakistan.

The sorcerous lake is totally frozen throughout winters because of significant downfall. the perfect time for tourists starts from Gregorian calendar month to Sept. The weather of this divine place is extraordinarily pleasant throughout day time (about 15-20 degree centigrade), whereas at nighttime the temperature drops to a few degrees centigrade.

The lake is to boot illustrious for being surroundings of big size trout fish, that weigh up to seven kilograms. Lake Saif ul Malook to boot provides a beautiful scan of Malika Parbat, that’s that the best peak of Kaghan depression.

The best time to travel to Lake Saif ul Malook is between may and thus the end Gregorian calendar month. It remains lined in snow throughout winter, and thus the road to the lake stays closed attributable to important blizzard.


The lake could be a supply of the Kunhar stream. At associate degree elevation of three,224 m (10,578 feet) on top of water level,


There area unit myriad controversies regarding the depth of Lake Saif ul Malook. In fact, there isn’t any authentic offer to tell the precise depth of lake. The native people of the depression say Lake Saif ul Malook is one kilometer deep, variety of them says it’s one.7 kilometers. However, a team that recently conducted a survey on all alpine lakes of Northern Areas of Asian country told that the depth of Lake Saif ul Malook is fifty feet.

If we’ve got an inclination to require a look at figures given over, the one (50 feet) provided by the team that conducted survey appearance to be extra realistic, as if we’ve got an inclination to ponder the geography of the globe encompassing the lake, it would be marvel of nature for a lake to be 1-1.7 kilometers deep at associate degree altitude of 3 kilometers over water level.

Story of Lake Saif ul Malook:

The classic story of Lake Saif ul Malook is written by Sufi author Mian Muhammad Bakhsh. it’s written among the kind of poetic verses.

The story could be a number of Persian patrician named Saif ul Malook administrative body fell in love with a fairy named Badi ul Jamal (transformation in English: Glory of the moon), whom he saw in his dreams. The patrician so started his journey to hunt out his beloved fairy Badi ul Jamal. He was naive in his restless journey until he met a Devish (holy man), administrative body told him but he can notice her. Devish to boot told him that he had to travel through many exams before he may notice and marry Badi ul Jamal, as a results of she was a fairy and patrician was human.

The patrician then starts his journey for the unacceptable among the name of his love. the rest of the story chronicles the challenges he two-faced throughout his journey and thus the spiritual lessons he learned on the strategy.

2.Attabad Lake – Gilgit Baltistan Hunza Valley (Pakistan)

Pakistan is blessed with treasuring herbal splendor that isn’t recognized to the world. attabad lake is one such invigorating location wherein you can revel in a ship ride and study jaw dropping snow crowned mountains and bracing landscapes turning a easy boat experience into a memorable revel in. the boat experience at attabad lake is one issue you must do if you are journeying hunza.

Attabad lake also known as gojal lake is placed close to hunza valley, one evidently blessed a part of northern regions of pakistan. the Lake receives its inflow from hunza river (2,800 cu feet/s). The maximum period of the lake is thirteen miles (21 km) and the depth is 358 ft (109 m). the overall water extent is 330,000 acre ft.

3.Ratti Gali Lake

Ratti Gali Lake could be a high altitude (3700m) alpine lake set in Neelum depression of West Pakistan. Within summer, the full space around this attractive lake becomes a spot of lush inexperienced meadows, wild and luxurious flowers and bright alpine plantations despite the fact that in winter this depression is roofed with white snow and {large|and big} chunks of ice mass floats within the navy wizard water of Ratti Gali Lake like large swans. In winters lakes stay frozen from November-April. Sunsets and sun rise over Ratti Gali Lake are the foremost superb ones to succeed in the lake, you have got to require Associate in Nursing awe-inspiring further as a small amount dangerous landrover ride from Dowarian. It’ll take virtually two hours to succeed in the bottom camp of the lake from Dowarian. From Ratti Gali Lake before Christ, you either will trek to the lake or take a horse ride. The trek would take virtually one hour, whereas the horse riding would take around forty minutes from base camp.

4.Ansoo Lake

The name “Ansoo” comes from its tear-like form (the Urdu word Ansoo means that teardrop). The lake conjointly resembles an individual’s eye with a central ice island resembling the iris Associate in Nursingd a ridge resembling an supercilium, that becomes even a lot of distinguished once ice melts on the “eyebrow” throughout the summer. This ridge was part destroyed within the 2005 Kashmir earthquake. This lake is taken into account to be one in every of the foremost stunning lakes of the planet.


Ansoo Lake is set in Kaghan natural depression Mansehra District of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Asian nation. it’s set close to Malika Parbat within the mountain {range|range of mountains|chain|mountain chain|chain of mountains} range at the altitude of four,245 meters (13,927 ft).

Best Time for Trekking:

Ansoo Lake isn’t a lake which might be visited throughout the year. It solely becomes accessible in a {very} very short window of the year. the most effective time is, therefore, the center of summer months. Most hikers can attempt to do the hiking trip between twentieth of Gregorian calendar month and twentieth of August. Before Gregorian calendar month, the lake won’t be accessible or there’ll be no lake visible on the trip which is able to be a disappointment. Same is that the case with the visits when August once significant snow won’t solely have created the trek extraordinarily treacherous, however it’ll even have lined the lake with a blanket of snow thus no lake are going to be visible. Therefore, the most effective time is between Gregorian calendar month and August once the lake has taken on the form of an individual’s eye shedding tears and also the lake is well accessible.

5.Rush Lake

Rush Lake is that the highest lake in Pakistan, placed close to Rush Pari Peak at five,098 m. it’s the twenty fifth highest alpine lake is that the world, placed regarding fifteen klick north of Miar Peak and Spantik (Golden Peak), that area unit within the Nagar depression. The lake is reached via Nagar and Hopar and via the Hopar ice mass (Bualtar ice mass) and Miar Glacier. The trek to Lake provides exciting views of Spantik, Malubiting, Miar Peak, spectacular Peak of Phuparash and Ultar Sar.

6.Satpara Lake

Another breathless lake from Gilgit, Baltistan. The Satpara Lake may be a natural lake close to Skardu, that adjoin a region of two.5 km². The lake fed by the Satpara Stream. it’s one in every of the biggest H2O lakes in Asian nation. It provides water to the complete Skardu vale. the gorgeous Satpara Lake is found at associate degree altitude of eight,650 feet.

7.Shangrila Lake

The Shangrila Lake spot second amongst the foremost lovely lakes of West Pakistan. The lake is additionally referred to as “Lower Kachura Lake” and is found at a drive of regarding twenty minutes from Skardu city. The lake may be a a part of the Shangrila resort and may be a well-liked traveler destination. Shangrila was named once a book titled Lost Horizon by James Hilton. eden may be a Chinese (Tibetan) signified “Heaven on earth”.

8.Manchar Lake

Lake Manchar is that the largest shallow fresh lake in Islamic Republic of Pakistan and one among Asia’s largest. it’s settled at a distance of eighteen metric linear unit from Sehwan Sharif on side of the stream Indus, in district Jamshoro. the realm of the lake fluctuates with the seasons from as very little as 350 km² to the maximum amount as 520 km². The lake collects water from various little streams within the Kirthar Mountains and empties into the Indus River.

The lake was created within the Thirties once the Sukkur Barrage was created on the stream Indus. The lake is fed by 2 canals, the Aral and also the Danister from the stream Indus. till recently the lake supported thousands of fisherfolk, close to village Kot Lashari Bobak terminal,who trusted the seafood they caught within the lake. However, the lake is currently undergoing environmental degradation leading to the water turning into saline and killing off the fish and forcing the fisherfolk to seem elsewhere for employment.