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Tips for Traveling with Your Drone Quadcopter

Quadcopter Drone – Many of us want to travel with our drone so that it can capture the best pictures and video of our adventures or the amazing landscapes we’ve seen. The challenge is getting the drone to the destination. Here are a few tips for traveling with drone equipment as smooth as possible.

Pick a Drone that Will Do What You Want to Do

Some drones are designed for slow, high definition landscape photography, while others can follow the action of races and sporting events. This means the best drone for Gopro enthusiasts is one that is both interchangeable with their other GoPro equipment and can keep up with them while on the go. Take the environmental conditions into account. Some drones will die if they’re iced-over, while others will fail to capture a clear picture if they’re out in windy conditions. You can learn more about how drones are often used at

Take Your Drone in Carry-On Luggage

Drones are fragile, high-tech devices. The best drone for travel will be one you can securely and protectively pack and take in your carry-on luggage. If you’re taking the drone and supporting hardware in its own case, make sure that fits in the overhead bin. This is why the best mini drone for travel is one you can pack in a padded bag and stick under the seat in front of you. Just don’t get a bag or case with branding advertising the premium drone inside; that will make it a premium target for thieves.

Respect the Law

If you’re traveling with drones, you may get it through customs only to get it confiscated at the destination if you don’t follow the rules. Find out where drone usage is allowed and where it isn’t before you take the drone. For example, owning a drone is patently illegal in Egypt, and showing up with it could get you arrested. Japan prohibits drone usage in most populated areas and strictly regulates it everywhere else. Flying drones over monuments or holy sites could get you arrested even if flying it in the wilderness areas is permitted.

Understand the limits on drone usage, such as height requirements or size. If a license is required to fly a commercial drone, find out if your U.S. Part 107 license is recognized in the country you’ll be visiting.

Know whether or not the drone has to be declared when you arrive in the country. In places like the Bahamas, you’ll have to register the drone with the government to get it through customs. If you know the rules in advance, you might be able to get through customs faster by having the paperwork done in advance.

Don’t Forget the Batteries

The first mistake people make is taking a drone but neglecting to pack spare batteries. Another thing that can trip people up is the batteries themselves. For example, high capacity lithium ion batteries can only be taken on aircraft as carry-on luggage, and you may only be able to take three LiPo batteries through security personally. If you want to take more high capacity batteries on your trip, give the other batteries to a traveling companion. Alternatively, you can stock up on batteries less than 100 Watt hours, because these don’t result in a limit on how many you could carry. Label the batteries with their Watt hours. Regardless of the type of batteries, store them in their own bin that you can take out of your backpack so they can be easily checked by security.

There are other choices available to you. You might be able to mail them to your destination, if that’s allowed by the shipping service you’re using. Another option is planning on buying the extra batteries you need at your destination.

Remember the Risk that the Drone Needs to Be Repaired

Regardless of which of the top 10 drones you own, take spare parts. At a minimum, take a repair kit and spare propellers. Unfortunately, you need to make sure the repair kit itself can get through security. For example, you’re not allowed to take a screw driver longer than 7” on an aircraft. You can save yourself a lot of hassle by having a commonly available drone so you can find spare parts at the destination if required.

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