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VIZIO 40 Class FHD (1080P) Smart Full Array LED TV (D40f-E1) (Certified Refurbished)
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MF Athletics 269032 Mini Bands, Heavy, Blue
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ThermaCare 34560 Thermacare Air-Activated Heat Wraps, Large Back

Price: $8.84

Powerful Pain Relief & Deep Muscle Relaxation Air-Activated: Just open pouch; starts to warm on its own Eight Hours of Heat Ultra-Thin, Comfortable, Discreet, Odorless What is ThermaCare? ThermaCare is a disposable air-activated wrap that delivers low level, consistent, therapeutic heat for 8 hours. Just open the pouch and these single-use wraps begin to warm up when exposed to air. Uses: Provides temporary relief of minor muscular backaches and pains associated with overexertion, strains, sprains, and arthritis. Examples of when to use ThermaCare: Activities (exercise, sports, family outings, manual labor) Sitting for prolonged periods (desk, car, airplane) ThermaCare Back/Hip Wrap is designed to fit the following pant/waist sizes: Women’s Pant Size: Size 4 to Size 20 Men’s Pant Size: 28 inches to 47 inches Please read all instructions and warnings before use. Additional warnings are included in the package insert. To reduce the risk of burns, fire, and personal injury, this product must be used in accordance with the use instructions and warnings. Directions: Tear open pouch when ready to use. It may take up to 30 minutes for ThermaCare to reach its therapeutic temperature. Place on pain area on lower back or hip with darker discs toward skin. Over-tightening may cause discomfort. Adjust as needed. For maximum effectiveness, we recommend you wear ThermaCare for 8 hours. Do NOT wear for more than 8 hours in any 24-hour period.Powerful pain relief
Provides deep muscle relaxation
Made for the lower back and hip