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VHI 72082 Card Set, Exercise and Rehabilation

Price: $231.16

Orthopedic Exercise & Rehabilitation Prescription Kit The most popular and useful exercise collection ever created for orthopedic rehab just got better! Visual Health Information has redrawn all the exercises from the Original VHI Exercise & Rehabilitation Prescription Kit and has included an additional 187 new exercises to bring the total number of exercises to 574! Additions include: Ankle Foot – 46 Exercises (8 New)Back – 101 Exercises (47 New)Cervical Spine – 66 Exercises (20 New)Hand – 77 Exercises (19 New)Hip/Knee – 81 Exercises (17 New)Shoulder – 113 Exercises (21 New)Trunk Stability – 35 Exercises Spinal Mobilization – 35 New ExercisesTMJ – 20 New Exercises Great For…Physical Therapists Athletic Trainers Post Rehab Specialists Sub-Acute Care Home Health Private Practice and much more…574 professionally illustrated exercises
This is an exercise database for use with pc-kits.To use this database you must purchase or currently own pc-kits
Great for physical therapists and athletic trainers
Exercises for the ankle, foot, back, cervical spine, hand, hip/knee, shoulder, and trunk stability